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Online Retreat Sacred Family Constellations and Celtic Healing of the Family Tree (English)

29 oktober 2022 @ 11:00 - 30 oktober 2022 @ 16:00 UTC+1

Sacred Family Constellations and Celtic Healing of the Family Tree

Facilitators: Phyllida Anam-Aire and Aoisanam.

This retreat is not only a transformative healing catalyst for you but also for your Ancestors.

It is now time to begin a new story, a new consciousness without the old traumas from the Ancestors holding our hearts back from vital passionate living.

Imagine living in freedom with the past and reaching out to others from a place of grace instead of from a place of blame, anger, and regret. This IS possible.

Are you ready to be the one in your family willing to walk the rim rather than remain at the safe centre of your story, drowning in past fears and past regrets?

Come and gather with us, we are waiting for you.

Phyllida Anam-Aire and Aoisanam have worked extensively using the above methods of transforming past traumas and hurts into present healing graces.

Phyllida has done many retreats that include the opening of our own hearts, firstly into ourselves, and then through the eyes of love, and she believes that we can reach out in love to the whole world without judgement.

Aoisanam has been working in the field of therapy and personal development for more than 15 years. Her personal quest has led her to explore different spiritual traditions. She has rooted herself in Shamanism and Celtic Consciousness. Aoisanam was initiated in the Order of Brigid and the Teachings of the Cauldron are an inspiration to her work as well as daily living. Her work nowadays focuses on healing (ancestral) trauma by facilitating Family Constellations and Systemic Rituals. Aoisanam is known for her dedication to healing work, her gift to see through the outer appearances of things and her devotion to reconnect with the ancient wisdom lying dormant in all of us and waiting to be rediscovered.

We’d love to gather with you, and you are so welcome.

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